Week 13: Monday Apr. 15

Peer Review?

  • Post on Basecamp please.

Blog Post #3 Due Today.

  • Each student should have three blog posts published.

Need Extra Credit?

  • Do additional blog posts on 1919 events
    • Palmer Raids
    • Red Scare
    • Culture section

Navigation Team (Julia, Caitlin, Anthony, Cody, Gloria)

  • Top Bar Navigation? – Edit with the Themes/Menus selection.
  • Side bar Navigation? – Add or remove features using the Widget selection.
  • Using Canned Searches as Pages?
    • See the Major Themes category under Labor for an example–  You create a Custom link with the URL for a search result. That way it will always be up to date and you do not have to create page manually.
  • Using Tags/Categories on Posts?
    • If you do not want to use these as a way to navigate the site, remove them from posts.

Other teams  building Pages on the site need to consult with Navigation about where it will appear on the page.

Updates on Minor Additions

  • Give a brief update on what you accomplished thus far
  • Provide a due date for the task
  • Where should it appear in the navigational structure?


Changes for Next Week’s Readings