Week 04: Thurs. Feb. 14

Types of Metadata

Type Definition Examples
Administrative Metadata used in managing and administering collections and information resources Acquisition information, Rights and reproduction tracking, Documentation of legal access requirements, Location information, Selection criteria for digitization
Descriptive Metadata used to identify and describe collections and related information resources Cataloging records, Finding aids, Differentiations between versions, Specialized indexes, Curatorial information, Hyperlinked relationships between resources, Annotations by creators and users
Preservation Metadata related to the preservation management of collections and information resources Documentation of physical condition of resources, Documentation of actions taken to preserve the physical and digital versions of resources, e.g. data refreshing and migration, Documentation of any changes occurring during digitization or preservation.
Technical Metadata related to how a system functions or metadata behaves Hardware and software documentation, Technical digitization, e.g. formats, compression ratios, scaling routines, Authentication and security data, e.g. encryption keys, passwords
Use Metadata related to the level and type of use of collections and information metadata Circulation records, Physical and digital exhibition records, Use and user tracking, Content reuse and multiversioning information, Search logs, Rights metadata

Source: Anne J. Gilliland, “Setting the Stage” in Introduction to Metadata

Dublin Core

Consists of 15 metadata elements:

1. Title
2. Creator
3. Subject
4. Description
5. Publisher
6. Contributor
7. Date
8. Type
9. Format
10. Identifier
11. Source
12. Language
13. Relation
14. Coverage
15. Rights

Each Dublin Core element is optional and may be repeated. The DCMI has established standard ways to refine elements and encourage the use of encoding and vocabulary schemes. There is no prescribed order in Dublin Core for presenting or using the elements.

The Dublin Core gets its name from Dublin, Ohio, where a brainstorming workshop was held in 1995.

Metadata Examples

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