Week 04: Mon: Feb. 11

Digitizing Historical Materials


  • Why do we digitize materials?

  • What are the different ways that we can digitize?

  • What do we do with the files?


Cell Phone Camera Apps

Manipulating images

Digitizing Texts

Quality Control

  • Proofreading images to make sure they are complete, cropped well, color accurate
  • Proofreading transcriptions according to guidelines
  • Proofreading metadata and descriptions

Digitizing Lab!

  • We have 10 historical items.
  • Using your phone (not optimal, but…) digitize each item and save on your computer
  • Pass each folder to the next person, until you have done all ten.
  • If you think that the image(s) needs to be manipulated, create a copy of the file and edit it to improve it.
  • Post them on Basecamp as a folder in Docs & Files, and take any notes needed.
  • We will be using these images in class on Thursday.