Mahwah Newspaper Project

This project involves participation in the Mahwah Museum Newspapers Project, an effort to digitize, describe, transcribe, and index newspaper clippings.  Each student will get five clippings that describe events in Mahwah’s past.

Digitizing Items

  • Scan or Photograph clippings.
  • Save files as color JPEGs, crop out extra materials.

Metadata and Research

You will describe each item fully, using the Newspaper Project Guide.  You may have to conduct some research in order to be able to provide context that will help users locate important information .

During the Metadata Lab, you will enter the information you have researched about each of your five items, uploading the digital files to the Omeka site, and creating tags, and descriptions that provide identifications and context for the item.

  • Try to identify the source of the clipping if it is not apparent.
  • Try to identify the date of the clipping if it is not apparent. You can use to research dates (Bergen Record and Ridgewood News)
  • Transcribe the clipping so that it can be searched. It is extremely important to transcribe accurately.
  • Identify the subjects, individuals, organizations, and events that the clippings describe.
  • Follow the guidelines!


  • February 17 – Clippings assigned and scanned in class, metadata lab.
  • March 7: Review and correct your partner’s entries.