Week 05: Thurs: Feb. 21

Impact of Digital Maps and GIS

Advantages for Historians

  • New tools don’t require cartographical skills
  • Ease of making
  • Interactive
  • Ability to filter and interrogate
  • Evidence can be embedded
  • Allows us to integrate sources

Problems for Historians

  • It is difficult to plot imprecise data  on points, lines, dots.
  • Designed for different profession
  • Historical data can be problematic
  • Historical maps are not always mappable to current places.
  • Expensive and difficult to use
  • Georectification (MapWarper)


Mapping with Google Maps

Creating Maps

  • Scale
  • Relevant Background Data
  • Choice of background map
  • Symbols and colors
  • Labels
  • Legends
  • Sources of information

Other Tools

Historiography Groups

Identify the authors of all your selections

  • Name
  • Birth-Death dates
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Geographical location
  • Photograph available?