Week 11: Mon. April 1

Visualization (perusall)

  • #Define   Identify places where authors define visualizatiosn and make a case for them.
  • #Yes  Identify places where the author convinces you that visualization tools are a boon to scholarship and why you think so.
  • #No   Identify places where authors discuss visualizations and you think that they are less convincing, or describing something that you don’t see as useful.
  • #Challenge  How do visualization tools challenge traditional notions about the past or about scholarship? What are they good at, and what not so good?
  • #Skills  What kinds of knowledge or skills do historians using visualization tools need to have in order to avoid pitfalls?


Social Network Analysis

Text Mining and Visualizations

Word Clouds

Word Clouds allow us to visualize in an appealing way the data we are working with. It works best with either lots of text–where you try to get a sense of the overall vibe, or with structured text.

Word Cloud Generators:


1910 birthplaces
1940 birthplaces


Wordle Word Cloud of Mahwah Wikipedia page text.