Week 12: Monday April 8


  • Boils down history to bite-sized attractive pieces
  • Focuses attention on comparisons or narratives
  • Uses graphics for appeal

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Visually History infographics

Pinterest History Infographics

Using Timelines or roadmaps Piktochart


  • Find some data about 1919 (or use 1920 census) that works with one of your blog posts or one of your assignments
  • Try to make it understandable using an infographic

Report on Discovering 1919 additions

  • Add due dates to your tasks. Let’s look at the schedule so that no one is overwhelmed.
  • We need to discuss additions that need class contributions. These need due dates as well.
  • Add more details to the Basecamp notes– find examples of what you want to work on, take notes about what you have accomplished.