Week 11: Thurs. April 4

Crowdsourcing Presentations

  • Add links to your presentations on Basecamp if you have not already done so.

Web Enhancements

  • WordPress Theme set by next week – April 11. Lets talk a bit about what people would like to see.
    • Colors?
    • Showing a static front page or one that shows blogs
    • Use of sliders for posts
  • Navigation structure set by April 25. This needs to wait for the decision on the theme because it affects navigation.  Lets talk a bit about what we’d like to see.
    • Side bars, top bars?
    • Creating custom menus?
    • Using categories and tags?
  • On the team enhancements and individual enhancements, start breaking them down into tasks and put them on Basecamp. Create due dates that work with the rest of the site.  The finished website is due May 10.  Let’s try to structure the due dates so that they are not too clustered at the end.
  • We will start reporting on task progress each week.
  • If your enhancement requires contributions from the rest of the class, establish what you need from the other students, when it needs to be done, and provide instruction and examples.

Social Explorer Visualizations

  • How can we use visualizations about 1920 to inform our website?
  • How can we use visualizations about 1920 to inform our blog posts?

Next Week

  • Infographics Lab on Monday
    • Find two infographics about history to discuss.
    • We will create infographics to illustrate the site or your posts.
      • Can use Social Explorer Data
      • Can use encyclopedia data on 1919
      • Can use data from your research.
  • After that, for the rest of the semester, most of our class meetings will be hands-on building the site.
    • Use Basecamp to document your work.