Lab: Video Game Pitch


Form groups of two. Try to partner with someone you haven’t worked with yet.
  • A popular video game manufacturer will publish a series of educational games, set in historical time periods.
  • Assume that they will use the same high-quality graphics and game engine, and can model period clothing and settings given enough resource material.
  • Assume that one of the goals is to use primary sources as an integral part of the game.
Prepare a Google Slides pitch for your proposed game. Add illustrations to give us a sense of how the game will look and feel.
  • the title of the game and ages you are aiming to serve.  You must aim for either E (everyone) or T (teen). No M (mature) games!
  • the time period you want to set the game in and why it is a good choice
  • the historical events the game will address
  • What kinds of primary sources you would use to make the game  historical.
  • the activities themselves (what the player will be doing)
  • the educational outcomes that the game will serve.
Present the pitch to the class, who will vote for the one they think would be:
  • the most fun to play,
  • the most educational, and the one that
  • they would fund if they were the game developer.

Vote here: