Week 10: Thurs. Mar. 28

Historiography groups

Big Picture

  • Do you have a story to tell? What did you learn about the way that labor, race and radicalism were seen in the past from reading your pieces and reading the historiography of the topic.
  • Are you missing any important shifts in historiography? If so insert a slide telling us when and how things changed.
  • Look at the Rubric!


  • Make sure that you have no typos. There is a glaring typo on one of the StoryMaps, at least there was last night!
  • Look at your page length. Consider making points on a series of slides if you have a lot to say. Scrolling too much is not pleasant.
  • Use the Historiographical resources to integrate the changes in historical narratives over time.


  • Try to find locations for every slide. If you have a big event to include, like the Great Depression, think about how to pitch the text so that you can use a place like Washington, D.C.


  • Every slide should have an image that helps tell the story, whether a pictures of a place, the author of a book, an event, or a book cover or journal cover.

Presentation (10 minutes)

Labor 12:25-12:35

Racism 12:35-12:45

Radicalism 12:45-12:50

  • Decide who is going to say what.
  • Divide the work between all members.
  • In Basecamp – identify who was responsible for each source slide.