Week 08: Mon: March 11

Work on Historiography Groups (30 minutes)

  • Think about when (if) you see changes in the way that the narrative is told.
  • What events in America happened during the time of your historiography story that might have caused that change?
  • What events/themes in historiography happened during the time of your topic that might have caused that change?
  • Add slides to represent those and detail how they impacted history and historiography.

Website Design

  • See Basecamp for the list of additions to the site.
  • Expand the description of each task so that we agree on its deliverables.
  • Discuss how we want to work on these
    • Minor – teams or individuals?
    • Major – how many people do we think each task needs.
  • How do you want to divide the work?
    • Random lots?
    • Draft order (like we did for topics)?
    • Cathy assign?
    • First come, first serve?
  • Each student has to work on at least 2 major additions and at least one minor addition. If you work in teams, then you will need to work on more minor additions.
  • Each student has to be involved in discussions about either the site’s theme or navigation.

Next class

  • Post at least three research questions to Basecamp. They can be about your blog research, or the work you are doing for the additions to the site. We will discuss together and I’ll help with individual questions.
    • What have you been having trouble finding?
    • Where are you having problems in interpretation?
    • Any issues with WordPress?