Week 08: Thurs: Mar. 14

 Research Questions


Navigation and Theme Group Work (20 minutes)

  • Develop some options or examples to show class
  • Narrow down your choices

Major Additions

  • Discuss how you want to approach the task — creating pages, posts, creating slideshows or other visualizations.
  • Comment on the ToDo on Basecamp laying our your ideas
  • Does your addition require work from the whole class? If so, what is required?

Minor Additions

  • Work on this in the 20 minutes you are not in a group
  • Comment on the to do, laying out what you think that you will want to do — will it be a page or a post, or something else.
  • Does your addition require any work from the rest of the class? If so, what is required.

First Grouping (20 min)

  • Was 1919 the Worst Year (Antony/Evan)
  • Most Popular Unpopular Movements (Julia/Philip)
  • Opinion Section (Becca/Jon)

Second Grouping (20 min)

  • Centennial Celebrations (Caitlin/John)
  • Photo Searching (Julia/Cody)
  • Implementing Quiz (Gloria/Evan)

Third Grouping (20 min

  • Who’s Who in 1919 (Becca/Philip)
  • Other resources (Gloria/Jon)
  • Digital Tools (Caitlin/Cody)
  • Peer Review (Anthony /John)